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Amy Winehouse Has the Mother of Bad Ideas
There are some people in this world born to be parents. Amy Winehouse is not one of them. Amy Winehouse was born to have laws issued to keep her away from children. And yet, for some reason, no one has told the singer it's a terrible idea for her to adopt or sponsor children in St. Lucia.
"Amy is seriously thinking about adopting. But she is aware itís going to be incredibly difficult with her background," a source told The London Paper. "She has always wanted to be a mother. She loves St Lucia and would move there for good in order to adopt."
The starís spokesman says that Amy isnít thinking of physically adopting, but to help them with community-service projects and classes.

Can you imagine a worse role model than Amy Winehouse? What would she have to teach these children? I imagine she'd begin with a class on how to ruin your own promising career, follow it up with the best way to inject drugs into places that the paparazzi can't see, break for a quick lunch of vodka and coke (not the soda), and then later explain how to find the abusive love-of-your-life before passing out in her own vomit to the end day. Class dismissed, kids!

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By: Alex Comments Amy Winehouse

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