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Jessica Simpson's Lips Will Expand Beyond the Universe
It's understandable why Jessica Simpson would want larger lips to offset that slightly masculine jawline, but the girl has gotten out of control with the collagen injections (or whatever it is she's doing to fatten those things up). Her lips are big enough already, so she's far better off just leaving them alone before she turns into the next Nikki Cox. Seriously ladies, if you're lucky enough to have been born with naturally perky lips then that's great and you should enjoy them, but if not just let them be.

All right, so the photo above is obviously one of our ghetto photoshop jobs, but if Jessica keeps this up much longer it won't be far off. Here are the actual pictures of her freshly puffed-up lips, along with a photo of the now frightening Nikki Cox to emphasize my point.

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By: JBT Comments Nikki Cox, Jessica Simpson

Reader Comments...
Posted 6 years ago
Follow up: I really should have included a warning in this post. If you have children in the room do not open up the picture of Nikki Cox, as it will surely give them nightmares. She looks like The Joker.
Posted 6 years ago
Rick D
I showed that Nikki Cox picture to my girlfriend and she wouldn't believe me when I told her it wasn't altered until I did a quick Google search and found more of them. Her plastic surgeon should be shot.
Posted 4 years, 2 months ago
i am a man and i like ladies with big lips.they are so sexy. you cannot speak for everyone's opinions.

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