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Here's Jennifer Aniston in Vogue magazine looking as fetching as ever. Get it? Fetching, cause there's a dog? Nevermind. On to the links...

More pictures of Quantum of Solace Bond girl Olga Kurylenko.

Would you let your kid slice a watermelon with a samurai sword while it sat on top of your stomach? Now that's trust, or stupidity.

Audrina Patridge finally realizes that her fake boobs look much better smashed together.

Pictures from the Victoria's Secret 2008 Fashion Show.

This woman has the world's greatest derriere according to a panel of judges. How do you signup for that job?

Super sexy outtakes from Megan Fox's GQ Magazine photo shoot. Once again, why are the hottest pictures so often not included the actual magazine? If anyone comes across these in high quality, please let us know about it.

Kim Kardashian was heavily photoshopped with before and after photo evidence.

Every now and then I'll report on a piece of celebrity news on this site that I don't really think is as interesting as everyone else, so I'll apathetically say "meh" to express my indifference. Well folks, now "meh" is in the dictionary. I'd like to think I helped contribute to its inclusion.

Is George Clooney going to make a return appearance on E.R.?

Looks like Jessica Simpson had more lip injections.

Kim Kardashian needs a whole lot of bikini to cover that ass, and even then she can't help but show some crack.

Stacy Keibler looks good in a bikini - not a huge surprise.

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